Vermouth di Torino Dry

Premium Vermouth
About This Project

Production Area: Traditional area of Piedmont
Wine used : blend of quality grapes
Ingredients: Wine, sugar, alcohol, extracts of aromatic herbs, spices
Production Techniques More than twenty different herbs macerate with the spices coming from all over the world, for more than a month in alcohol. The wine, herbal extracts, spices, alcoholic infusion of the orange peel and the caramelized sugar blend together and the vermouth obtained from this artisanal method is then left to finish in vats for at least four months.
Alcohol :18% Vol.
Colour: very light amber with greenish reflections
Bouquet Intense with aromatic herbs; very complex with distinct notes of vanilla, bitter orange, gentian, cinchona and rhubarb
Taste :Sweet with exceptional body and a pleasant aftertaste of Artemisia
Serving Temperature : 6°-8° C (43°-46°F)
Accompaniment Excellent as an aperitif or while simply relaxing